This doesn’t need to be expensive or mean visits to loads of shops but can be very effective in supporting good mental health.

Below are my key tips to refreshing and styling spaces that will really lift the spirits

1. Clear out the clutter

Take stock of the 2 main rooms you are living or working in then commit to a cull. It doesn’t need to be all at once but as your home more now, this can be scheduled in over a week or so!

Make 3 piles; keep, throw (recycle) & donate then spend 2 hours (at a time depending on how bit and much space and stuff you have) to clear your space.

Clear space clear mind is a thing in my book

2. Get scrubbing!

Ok, I know cleaning isn’t usually seen as fun, but with a little extra time on your hands you can take on those ‘once in a while’ detail cleans that day to day just don’t get a look in.

Those sneaky cobwebs, the dust and lint building up behind the door or on top of the fridge… the sense of achievement can really feel good at the end and you!

For a bit more motivation why not order some fresh new eco friendly cleaning products  - there loads on the market now - google some locally made ones near you.

Not only will your house and the environment thank you but so will another human, who is likely trying survive running a small business during lockdown.

The best bit is that once the cleaning and de-cluttering is done your up to the final best step yet!!