I, for one, have had days where I felt wobbly,  a bit uncertain about the future, especially as work slowed due to social distancing and lockdown restrictions. But as the saying goes, in times of great adversity comes great opportunity, and so I have tried to mentally shake off the worry and doubts and look for new opportunities. It's pretty amazing when you open yourself up, be brave and take a risk, and sometimes you can be rewarded. This is exactly what I did.

So during lockdown, after an earlier chance meeting with Emma Hamlin, publisher from Change Maker Press - i decided to take the plunge and apply to become an author in the third series of Changemakers Book.

Turns out my new found writing skills weren’t so bad and I’m now a part of a bestselling series of women sharing their transformational change making journeys!

My personal story from lawyer to becoming a Stylist - why and what it took to get there is now in print - available to download from Amazon [insert link]  (with all proceeds going to Family Violence support) or hard copies can be ordered via me through found styled@icloud.com

So if you are looking for a bit of inspiration or thinking about making a change this book maybe just what you need.

What I can safely say now though is that without ISO changing life in such an unexpected way - I would never have tried something new and become a published author. Take the plunge people, be brave.